Get smart about learning

Revisy simplifies and speeds up your learning by intelligently choosing what to revise based on your current level of understanding

This app is brilliant! With just a few swipes on my phone I can review all the important stuff I need to keep in my head. Nick Malcolm, Engineer

How Revisy works

1. Create

Create your own notes of anything you'd like to learn - or just clone someone elses.

2. Revise

Swipe through your notes. It's super-easy: left when you know it, right when you need some help.

3. Relax

Revisy keeps track of how well you know each note. Notes you don't know very well are presented more often. Notes you do know well are presented less often.

4. Reminder

Ask Revisy to remind you when it's time to next revise your notes. Revisy will select the most important notes for you to revise so your revision sessions are efficient.

Why use Revisy?

  • Since you learn information at different rates, Revisy keeps track of your current level of understanding and chooses the perfect time to revise again.
  • Intelligently spacing revision sessions over time is the most time-efficient way to learn.
  • Having knowledge at hand increases your productivity.
  • Using Revisy increases retention of new knowledge.
  • Our revision is fast which means that your brain doesn’t get bored and you absorb more information.
  • Revisy supports all types of notes :
    • Text
    • Quotes
    • Pictures
    • Questions
    • Definitions
    • Kindle Highlights
  • Revisy includes easy email reminders for what you need to revise & when.

"It's a great place to save stuff that's actually worth learning." Craig, Project Manager

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Ensure your valuable learning time is efficient
— You can revise lots of material in only a few minutes a day.